About me

I am currently a PhD candidate at Universidade de São Paulo (Brazil), supervised by Cristiano Nogueira (website). My research interests are Spatial Ecology and Biogeography of reptiles and amphibians, with also a good deal of natural history.
I am mainly interested in phylogenetic diversity and analytical biogeotools.

I enjoy trekking, longboarding, boardgames and playing “traditional” string instruments (mandolin, “cavaquinho” – ukelele’s antecessor, etc).

Historical FIL-ogeography (get it?)

I was born in Évora, Portugal. From a young age, watching wall lizards (Podarcis spp.) scurry around led to a fascination with nature and wildlife (especially reptiles).

I graduated in Animal Science (with a focus on Natural and Zoological Parks) from Universidade de Évora in 2012. This led to a Master’s (2014) in Natural Resource Management at Universidade de Lisboa/Universidade de Évora focusing on Landscape and Spatial Ecology of the freshwater turtle Emys orbicularis.

Since 2013 I have participated in projects linked to Conservation, Ecology and Natural resource management, such as Physiology of Iberian Lizards (Spain), Spatial Ecology of King Cobras (Thailand) and Manuka Honey Production (New Zealand).

In 2017 I started my PhD at Universidade de São Paulo (Brazil), supervised by Cristiano Nogueira. My project titled “Phylogenetic Diversity, Richness and Conservation of Dipsadid snakes in Cis-andean South America” aims to unravel the biogeographical and evolutionary patterns behind the distribution of the Dipsadidae, the richest Neotropical snake clade. I also participate in field projects in Cerrado savannas and occasionally in the Atlantic Forest, led by Marcio Martins (website).

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